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Enis contracting is a family owned and operated company, which has been operating for over 20 years.
We first started operating from home in the late 80ís, which not long after decided that it was time for us to move out to a more central location. We acquired a rental unit in Moorebank on Seton Rd, where we operated from, for quite a few years, eventually the company grew and more jobs were coming in, and we didnít have the room to handle them.
Soon after we acquired two more units one on each side of our existing unit, which we then pulled the walls down in between the units to provide an easier and more convenient way to access each of the units.
This was only a temporary solution at the time until we found the right place to move too, as our workload was increasing, these units were still too small for us.
Then in October 1997, we found the ideal location, which had two office blocks and huge warehouses, which was more than enough for us. And the best thing was that it was only one street away. This was a far to good of an opportunity to pass away. And to this date we are still operating from this property on Kelso Crescent.

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